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Talon Gear Box Sprocket suit KTM

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Talon Gear Box Sprocket suit KTM

Talon Gear Box Sprocket suit KTM

Talon Gear Box Sprocket suit KTM
Talons gearbox sprockets are manufactured from chrome moly molbdynum steel, and then they are zinc plated to provide extra strength and durability. They feature Talon’s Groovelite groove to increase teeth life and remove mud from teeth. They are the winner of multiple Australian Supercross, Motocross, Safari, A4DE Chamionships & The Finke Desert Race. But really, the name speaks for itself. There’s nothing quite like Talon quality.

Will fit the following:

Year Make Model
1994KTM620 LC4
1995KTM620 Duke
1995KTM620 LC4
1996KTM620 LC4
1996KTM620 Duke
1997KTM620 Duke
1997KTM620 LC4
1999KTM640 Adventure
2000KTM640 LC4-E Super-Motard
2000KTM620 SC
2000KTM640 Duke II
2001KTM640 Adventure
2001KTM620 SC
2001KTM640 Duke II
2001KTM640 LC4-E Super-Motard
2002KTM640 Adventure
2002KTM640 Duke II
2002KTM640 LC4 Enduro
2002KTM640 LC4-E Super-Motard
2003KTM625 SXC
2003KTM640 Duke II
2003KTM640 LC4-E Super-Motard
2003KTM640 LC4 Enduro
2003KTM640 Adventure
2004KTM625 SXC
2004KTM640 Duke II
2004KTM640 LC4-E Super-Motard
2004KTM640 LC4 Enduro
2004KTM640 Adventure
2005KTM625 SMC
2005KTM640 LC4 Enduro
2005KTM640 LC4-E Super-Motard
2005KTM640 Adventure
2005KTM640 Duke II
2005KTM625 SXC
2006KTM640 Duke II
2006KTM640 Adventure
2006KTM640 LC4-E Super-Motard
2006KTM640 LC4 Enduro
2006KTM625 SMC
2006KTM625 SXC
2007KTM640 Adventure
2007KTM690 Supermoto
2008KTM690 Duke
2008KTM690 Enduro
2008KTM690 SMC
2008KTM690 Supermoto R
2008KTM690 Supermoto
2009KTM690 Supermoto
2009KTM690 Enduro
2009KTM690 Duke
2009KTM690 Enduro R
2009KTM690 SMC
2010KTM690 SMC
2010KTM690 Enduro R
2010KTM690 Duke R
2010KTM690 Enduro
2010KTM690 Duke
2011KTM690 Enduro R
2011KTM690 Duke R
2012KTM690 Enduro R
2012KTM690 Duke
2013KTM690 Duke
2013KTM690 SMC R
2013KTM690 Enduro R