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K&N Oil Filter KN-157

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K&N Oil Filter KN-157

K&N Oil Filter KN-157

K&N Oil Filter KN-157

K&N motorcycle and ATV oil filters use a High Flow Premium Media that allows for higher flow rates while providing outstanding filtration. If required, your K&N motorcycle or ATV canister oil filter will have a 17 mm nut welded to the top of the canister so you can be easily remove it with a spanner.

Will fit the following:

Year Make Model
1999KTM400 SX
1999KTM520 EXC
2000KTM400 SX
2000KTM520 SX
2000KTM400 EXC
2000KTM520 EXC
2001KTM400 SX
2001KTM520 SX
2001KTM400 EXC
2001KTM660 Rally
2001KTM520 EXC
2001KTM250 EXC
2002KTM520 EXC
2002KTM400 SX
2002KTM660 SMR Factory Replica
2002KTM250 EXC
2002KTM660 Rally
2002KTM400 EXC
2002KTM625 SXC
2002KTM520 SX
2003KTM450 EXC
2003KTM660 SMC
2003KTM450 SX
2003KTM525 EXC
2003KTM660 SMR Factory Replica
2003KTM250 EXC
2003KTM525 EXC Racing
2003KTM525 SX
2003KTM400 EXC
2003KTM625 SXC
2004KTM525 SMR
2004KTM660 SMC
2004KTM450 SMR
2004KTM525 EXC
2004KTM450 EXC
2004KTM625 SXC
2004KTM250 EXC
2004KTM660 Rally
2004KTM525 EXC Racing
2004KTM450 SX Racing
2004KTM525 SX
2005KTM450 SXS
2005KTM525 SMR
2005BetaRR 450 Enduro
2005KTM660 SMC
2005KTM450 SMR
2005BetaRR 250 Enduro (4T)
2005KTM625 SXC
2005KTM450 EXC
2005KTM250 EXC
2005KTM660 Rally
2005BetaRR 525 Enduro
2005KTM450 SX Racing
2005KTM525 EXC
2005KTM525 SX
2006KTM525 SX
2006KTM525 EXC Racing
2006KTM450 SX
2006KTM625 SXC
2006BetaRR 450 Enduro
2006BetaRR 250 Enduro (4T)
2006KTM525 EXC
2006KTM450 EXC
2006KTM450 SMR
2006KTM660 Rally
2006KTM450 EXC-R
2006BetaRR 525 Enduro
2006KTM450 SX Racing
2006KTM250 EXC
2007KTM525 SX
2007KTM525 EXC
2007BetaRR 525 Enduro
2007KTM560 SMR
2007KTM525 EXC Racing
2007BetaRR 250 Enduro (4T)
2007BetaRR 450 Enduro
2007KTM625 SXC
2007KTM450 EXC
2007PolarisOutlaw 525 IRS
2007KTM450 SMR
2007KTM690 Supermoto
2008KTM525 XC
2008KTM690 Duke
2008KTM690 Supermoto
2008BetaRR 525 Enduro
2008KTM560 SMR
2008KTM450 XC
2008PolarisOutlaw 450 MXR
2008BetaRR 450 Enduro
2008KTM690 Enduro
2008PolarisOutlaw 525 IRS
2008PolarisOutlaw 525 S
2008KTM690 SMC
2009KTM450 XC
2009PolarisOutlaw 525 S
2009KTM525 XC
2009KTM690 Enduro R
2009KTM690 Duke
2009PolarisOutlaw 525 IRS
2009PolarisOutlaw 450 MXR
2009KTM690 SMC
2009BetaRR 450 Enduro
2009BetaRR 525 Enduro
2009KTM690 Enduro
2010KTM690 Enduro
2010PolarisOutlaw 525 S
2010KTM690 Duke
2010KTM525 XC ATV
2010KTM690 Enduro R
2010KTM450 XC
2010PolarisOutlaw 525 IRS
2010KTM690 SMC
2011PolarisOutlaw 525 IRS
2011KTM690 Enduro R
2011KTM690 Duke
2011KTM690 SMC

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