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RHK Quantum Flex Brake Lever (Formula)

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RHK Quantum Flex Brake Lever (Formula)

RHK Quantum Flex Brake Lever (Formula)

RHK Quantum Flex Brake Lever (Formula)
RHK’s Quantam Flex brake levers are made with a slim line forged lever blade that is made from 6061 aluminium, is then CNC machined and then anodized. The levers flex to avoid damage from crashing, making them more durable and increasing the life of your lever. There’s also a huge range of model fitments including hydraulic levers for some of the European models. They’re available in 6 colours, come with a free dust cover and are also covered by a one year warranty.

Will fit the following:

Year Make Model
2003KTM85 SX (17/14)
2003KTM65 SX
2003KTM85 SX (19/16)
2004KTM85 SX (17/14)
2004KTM65 SX
2004KTM85 SX (19/16)
2005KTM65 SX
2005KTM85 SX (19/16)
2005KTM85 SX (17/14)
2006KTM85 SX (19/16)
2006KTM85 SX (17/14)
2006KTM65 SX
2007KTM65 SX
2007KTM85 SX (17/14)
2007KTM85 SX (19/16)
2008KTM85 SX (19/16)
2008KTM85 SX (17/14)
2008KTM65 SX
2009KTM85 SX (17/14)
2009KTM65 SX
2009KTM85 SX (19/16)
2010KTM85 SX (17/14)
2010KTM65 SX
2010KTM85 SX (19/16)
2011KTM85 SX (17/14)
2011KTM65 SX
2011KTM85 SX (19/16)
2012KTM85 SX (17/14)
2012KTM85 SX (19/16)