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Racetech Chain Slider suit KTM

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Racetech Chain Slider suit KTM

Racetech Chain Slider suit KTM

Racetech Chain Slider suit KTM
Racetech chain sliders are perfect replacement plastics that can be used to replace damaged OEM chain sliders or change the look of your bike. They are made in Italy from high quality polypropylene plastic and come in a variety of colours. Picture is for reference only, item may vary.

Will fit the following:

Year Make Model
1997KTM250 SX
1997KTM360 EXC
1997KTM250 EXC
1997KTM300 SX
1997KTM360 SX
1997KTM125 EXC
1997KTM300 EXC
1997KTM125 SX
1998KTM250 EXC
1998KTM380 EXC
1998KTM125 SX
1998KTM200 EXC
1998KTM250 SX
1998KTM200 SX
1998KTM360 SX
1998KTM300 EXC
1998KTM300 SX
1998KTM125 EXC
1998KTM380 SX
1999KTM300 EXC
1999KTM520 EXC
1999KTM250 SX
1999KTM380 EXC
1999KTM200 EXC
1999KTM300 SX
1999KTM200 SX
1999KTM250 EXC
1999KTM125 EXC
1999KTM125 SX
1999KTM380 SX
2000KTM250 EXC
2000KTM400 EXC Racing
2000KTM525 SX
2000KTM300 SX
2000KTM520 SX
2000KTM300 EXC
2000KTM200 EXC
2000KTM380 SX
2000KTM520 EXC
2000KTM525 EXC
2000KTM380 EXC
2000KTM125 EXC
2000KTM200 SX
2000KTM400 SX
2000KTM125 SX
2000KTM250 SX
2001KTM380 EXC
2001KTM525 EXC
2001KTM380 SX
2001KTM520 SX
2001KTM300 EXC
2001KTM300 SX
2001KTM525 SX
2001KTM400 EXC Racing
2001KTM250 EXC
2001KTM400 SX
2001KTM250 SX
2001KTM520 EXC
2001KTM200 SX
2001KTM200 EXC
2001KTM125 SX
2001KTM125 EXC
2002KTM450 EXC
2002KTM525 EXC
2002KTM300 EXC
2002KTM520 SX
2002KTM400 SX
2002KTM380 SX
2002KTM400 EXC Racing
2002KTM250 EXC
2002KTM250 SX
2002KTM380 EXC
2002KTM520 EXC
2002KTM125 EXC
2002KTM300 SX
2002KTM525 SX
2002KTM125 SX
2002KTM200 EXC
2002KTM200 SX
2003KTM400 SX
2003KTM300 EXC
2003KTM300 SX
2003KTM525 SX
2003KTM400 EXC Racing
2003KTM250 SX
2003KTM520 EXC
2003KTM450 EXC
2003KTM525 EXC
2003KTM520 SX
2003KTM250 EXC
2003KTM125 EXC
2003KTM125 SX
2003KTM200 SX
2003KTM200 EXC
2004KTM525 SX
2004KTM200 SX
2004KTM400 SX
2004KTM525 EXC
2004KTM450 EXC
2004KTM520 EXC
2004KTM250 SX
2004KTM250 EXC
2004KTM400 EXC Racing
2004KTM300 SX
2004KTM520 SX
2004KTM300 EXC
2004KTM125 EXC
2004KTM200 EXC
2004KTM125 SX
2005KTM400 SX
2005KTM250 SX
2005KTM250 SX-F
2005KTM250 EXC
2005KTM400 EXC Racing
2005KTM525 SX
2005KTM300 SX
2005KTM125 EXC
2005KTM520 EXC
2005KTM200 SX
2005KTM520 SX
2005KTM125 SX
2005KTM300 EXC
2005KTM525 EXC
2005KTM200 EXC
2005KTM450 EXC
2006KTM525 EXC
2006KTM400 SX
2006KTM300 EXC
2006KTM525 SX
2006KTM300 SX
2006KTM520 SX
2006KTM520 EXC
2006KTM450 EXC
2006KTM200 SX
2006KTM250 SX
2006KTM250 SX-F
2006KTM250 EXC
2006KTM400 EXC Racing
2006KTM125 EXC
2006KTM125 SX
2006KTM200 EXC
2007KTM125 EXC
2007KTM200 EXC
2007KTM250 EXC
2007KTM525 EXC
2007KTM520 EXC
2007KTM450 EXC
2007KTM300 EXC

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