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About us

“We love motorcycles. Always have, and always will. And we love helping other people enjoy their motorcycles. That’s why we’re in business. Here’s the background story about Full Bore Motorcycles.”

Rebecca Pech, Founder & Co-Owner,
Full Bore Motorcycles

Born With a Love for Motorcycles!

Founder and Co-Owner of Full Bore Motorcycles, Rebecca Pech, was born with a love for motorcycles. Riding since she was young, Rebecca started her love with off-road motorcycles in particular until she was old enough to buy her very own Yamaha XT225 at the age of 14.

At the age of 16 she begged her father, motorcycle legend Steve Riley, to let her work in the family business bike shop part-time until she finished her schooling. She loved it and has worked for Steve’s Motorcycles on and off for 11 years, still looking after the finances for the business.

Motorcycle Racing In the Blood

With her long family heritage, Rebecca is no stranger to the motorcycling racing scene. Her grandfather owned Bartlett Motorcycles in Northam, and raced most of his life.

Her father, Steve Riley owned Highway Yamaha in Midland, Western Australia before opening up his current store Steve’s Motorcycles also in Midland. Steve is also a Co-Owner of Full Bore Motorcycles.

Steve Riley holds several State and Club titles and narrowly missed out on winning a national title when his engine blew up meters from the finish line. Racing for 23 years in total, he has made his career one of the largest in WA racing history and comprises of racing:

  • Road bikes and side cars with the Historic Competition Motorcycle Club of Western Australia
  • Road bikes and side cars with the Motorcycle racing Club of Western Australia
  • Motocross
  • Speedway

Steve now commentates events for the MCRCWA, the HCMCWA and the VMXWA at Barbagallo Raceway and several WA country venues.

The First Female Supermoto Racer in Western Australia

Rebecca started racing Supermoto at the age of 26 and became the first female in Western Australia to Register and Race in the Premier class against a male dominated field.

She had always loved the off-road side of the sport but because of her father’s experience and race history, she was exposed to a lot of road racing.

Supermoto racing seemed the next logical step to take. Without the time and financial constraints of competing in two motorcycling disciplines, with Supermoto Rebecca found she could mix the two aspects of the sport she loves to get the best of both worlds.

She joined the “Nine70Nine Racing” team when team Manager and co-rider, Scott Tracey took her under his wing. Scott decided to help her train and gain experience on the track so she could start making inroads to a racing career.

Full Bore Motorcycles Online

At the age of twenty-five, Rebecca followed in her father’s footsteps to start up her new online business, “Full Bore Motorcycles”.

Full Bore Motorcycles was born in an upstairs warehouse space at Steve’s Motorcycles when a distributor came to her to strike a deal with some overstocked plastic fenders.

With these top quality plastic fenders available in bulk at a low price, Rebecca recognized an opportunity that was too good to pass up. At the time, Steve’s Motorcycles did not want to invest in such a large quantity of fenders, so Rebecca bought them herself.

It became the start of a new business as Rebecca set up an eBay store and sold the plastic fenders online. Rebecca quickly saw the online world as a great way to quickly sell great products.

Feeling good about being able to give people better prices, she made sure other suppliers across Australia and overseas knew she was keen on any good deals on bulk purchases of top quality motorcycle products.

Plastics turned into a full-on warehouse of clothing, parts, MX gear and accessories.

Rebecca decided to turn the little eBay store into a full-fledged online store. With the help of her parents Steve Riley and Deb Pech, Rebecca set out on what turned out to be a long road of hard work, sweat and even tears to launch her dream of being Australia’s best online motorcycle store.

The proudest moment for Rebecca was when www.fullboremotorcycles.com.au came to life.

It’s all about the love of motorcycles, and the love of helping other people enjoy their motorcycles.

You can talk directly with Rebecca or others on the Full Bore team at 1300 883 505.