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RHK Factory Euro Universal Metric Bolt Kit suit KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg

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RHK Factory Euro Universal Metric Bolt Kit suit KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg

RHK Factory Euro Universal Metric Bolt Kit suit KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg

RHK Factory Euro Universal Metric Bolt Kit suit KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg
This factory style bolt kit has 160 pieces and includes washers, nuts, valve caps, split pins, aluminium bushings, plastic washers and many more. Bolts include sprocket and disc, case cover, skid plate, sub frame, fork guards, chain adjuster and more. While this one is a universal bolt kit to suit European models, RHK also make these kits to suit Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki as well as a universal metric bolt pack. When you have everything you need in one box, it definitely makes things easier.

Will fit the following:

Year Make Model
2003KTM300 EXC
2003KTM520 EXC
2003KTM200 EXC
2003KTM125 SX
2003KTM125 MX/SX
2003KTM85 SX (19/16)
2003KTM125 EXC
2003KTM525 EXC Racing
2003KTM450 EXC
2003KTM450 SX
2003KTM250 EXC
2003KTM200 SX
2003KTM525 SX
2003KTM400 EXC Racing
2003KTM85 SX (17/14)
2003KTM400 SX
2003KTM450 SX Racing
2003KTM250 SX
2003KTM300 SX
2003KTM520 SX
2003KTM525 EXC
2004KTM520 SX
2004KTM250 SX
2004KTM520 EXC
2004KTM300 SX
2004KTM525 EXC
2004KTM400 SX
2004KTM450 SX Racing
2004KTM450 EXC
2004KTM85 SX (17/14)
2004KTM400 EXC Racing
2004KTM200 SX
2004KTM525 SX
2004KTM250 EXC
2004KTM450 SX
2004KTM300 EXC
2004KTM525 EXC Racing
2004KTM200 EXC
2004KTM85 SX (19/16)
2004KTM105 SX
2004KTM125 EXC
2004KTM125 MX/SX
2004KTM125 SX
2005KTM525 EXC
2005KTM200 EXC
2005KTM105 SX
2005KTM125 EXC
2005KTM250 SX-F
2005KTM125 MX/SX
2005KTM125 SX
2005KTM525 EXC Racing
2005KTM450 EXC
2005KTM200 SX
2005KTM300 EXC
2005KTM400 EXC Racing
2005KTM300 SX
2005KTM250 SX
2005KTM520 SX
2005KTM400 SX
2005KTM85 SX (19/16)
2005KTM450 SX Racing
2005KTM85 SX (17/14)
2005KTM450 SX
2005KTM525 SX
2005KTM520 EXC
2005KTM250 EXC
2006KTM525 SX
2006KTM105 SX
2006KTM450 SX
2006KTM300 EXC
2006KTM450 EXC
2006KTM525 EXC Racing
2006KTM85 SX (19/16)
2006KTM525 EXC
2006KTM250 SX-F
2006KTM300 SX
2006KTM125 SX
2006KTM250 SX
2006KTM520 EXC
2006KTM520 SX
2006KTM200 EXC
2006KTM450 SX Racing
2006KTM400 SX
2006KTM85 SX (17/14)
2006KTM125 MX/SX
2006KTM250 EXC
2006KTM200 SX
2006KTM400 EXC Racing
2006KTM125 EXC
2007KTM450 SX Racing
2007KTM520 EXC
2007KTM525 SX
2007KTM250 EXC
2007KTM450 SX-F
2007KTM200 SX
2007KTM450 EXC
2007KTM125 SX
2007KTM125 MX/SX
2007KTM200 EXC
2007KTM125 EXC
2007KTM105 SX
2007KTM505 SX-F
2007KTM250 SX-F
2007KTM300 EXC
2007KTM525 EXC Racing
2007KTM85 SX (19/16)
2007KTM525 EXC
2007KTM300 SX
2007KTM250 SX
2007KTM520 SX
2007KTM250 EXC-F
2007KTM85 SX (17/14)
2008KTM105 SX
2008KTM125 EXC
2008KTM450 SX-F
2008KTM250 EXC
2008KTM530 EXC
2008KTM125 SX
2008KTM505 SX-F
2008KTM144 SX
2008KTM250 SX
2008KTM200 EXC
2008KTM85 SX (17/14)
2008KTM450 SX Racing
2008KTM250 SX-F
2008KTM300 EXC
2008KTM250 EXC-F
2008KTM200 SX
2008KTM525 EXC
2008KTM450 EXC
2008KTM85 SX (19/16)
2008KTM300 SX
2009KTM530 EXC
2009KTM85 SX (17/14)
2009KTM250 EXC
2009KTM250 EXC-F
2009KTM250 SX-F
2009KTM450 SX-F
2009KTM300 EXC
2009KTM85 SX (19/16)
2009KTM505 SX
2009KTM300 SX
2009KTM250 SX
2009KTM400 EXC
2009KTM105 SX
2009KTM125 EXC
2009KTM200 SX
2009KTM125 SX
2009KTM150 SX
2009KTM200 EXC
2010KTM85 SX (19/16)
2010KTM125 SX
2010KTM105 SX
2010KTM125 EXC
2010KTM300 SX
2010KTM505 SX
2010KTM400 EXC
2010KTM250 SX-F
2010KTM250 EXC-F
2010KTM150 SX
2010KTM250 SX
2010KTM200 SX
2010KTM300 EXC
2010KTM450 EXC
2010KTM85 SX (17/14)
2010KTM250 EXC
2010KTM505 SX-F
2010KTM450 SX-F
2010KTM200 EXC
2011KTM85 SX (19/16)
2011KTM300 SX
2011KTM250 EXC-F
2011KTM250 SX-F
2011KTM400 EXC
2011KTM350 SX-F Tony Cairoli
2011KTM85 SX (17/14)
2011KTM450 SX-F
2011KTM250 EXC
2011KTM450 EXC
2011KTM250 SX
2011KTM300 EXC
2011KTM350 SX-F
2011KTM105 SX
2011KTM150 SX
2011KTM200 SX
2011KTM125 EXC
2011KTM200 EXC
2011KTM125 SX
2012KTM300 EXC
2012KTM250 SX
2012KTM450 EXC
2012KTM350 SX-F
2012KTM350 EXC-F
2012KTM250 EXC
2012KTM450 SX-F
2012KTM85 SX (19/16)
2012KTM85 SX (17/14)
2012KTM300 SX
2012KTM250 SX-F
2012KTM250 EXC-F
2012KTM500 EXC
2012KTM105 SX
2012KTM125 EXC
2012KTM200 SX
2012KTM125 SX
2012KTM200 EXC
2012KTM150 SX
2013KTM350 EXC-F
2013KTM250 EXC Six Days
2013KTM300 EXC Six Days
2013KTM250 EXC-F Six Days
2013KTM500 EXC
2013KTM85 SX (19/16)
2013KTM250 EXC-F
2013KTM350 EXC-F Six Days
2013KTM450 SX-F
2013KTM250 SX-F
2013KTM300 SX
2013KTM300 EXC
2013KTM500 EXC Six Days
2013KTM85 SX (17/14)
2013KTM250 EXC
2013KTM450 EXC Six Days
2013KTM350 SX-F
2013KTM125 EXC
2013KTM200 SX
2013KTM150 SX
2013KTM125 SX
2013KTM200 EXC
2013KTM250 SX
2013KTM105 SX
2013KTM450 EXC
2014KTM350 EXC-F Six Days
2014KTM300 EXC
2014HusqvarnaTE 125
2014HusqvarnaFE 350
2014KTM300 SX
2014KTM250 SX-F
2014HusqvarnaFC 250
2014KTM250 EXC-F
2014HusqvarnaTE 449
2014HusqvarnaTC 250
2014KTM450 EXC Six Days
2014KTM250 EXC Six Days
2014HusqvarnaTE 310R
2014KTM85 SX (19/16)
2014KTM450 EXC
2014KTM250 SX
2014HusqvarnaTE 300
2014HusqvarnaTE 511
2014HusqvarnaTC 125
2014KTM500 EXC
2014HusqvarnaTC 85 SW
2014HusqvarnaFE 250
2014HusqvarnaFE 501
2014KTM85 SX (17/14)
2014KTM350 EXC-F
2014KTM200 SX
2014KTM200 EXC
2014KTM150 SX
2014KTM125 SX
2014HusqvarnaTC 85 BW
2014KTM125 EXC
2014KTM105 SX
2014HusqvarnaFC 450
2014KTM350 SX-F
2014HusqvarnaTE 250R
2014KTM250 EXC
2014HusqvarnaTE 250 2T
2014KTM500 EXC Six Days
2014HusqvarnaFC 350
2014HusqvarnaFE 450
2014HusqvarnaTC 449
2014KTM450 SX-F
2014KTM250 EXC-F Six Days
2014KTM300 EXC Six Days
2015KTM250 EXC Six Days
2015KTM450 EXC Six Days
2015HusqvarnaTE 449
2015KTM500 EXC
2015KTM350 EXC-F Six Days
2015HusqvarnaTC 85 SW
2015KTM85 SX (19/16)
2015HusqvarnaFE 250
2015HusqvarnaFE 501
2015HusqvarnaTC 125
2015HusqvarnaTE 300
2015KTM250 SX
2015KTM450 EXC
2015HusqvarnaFC 450
2015KTM250 EXC
2015KTM350 EXC-F
2015KTM350 SX-F
2015HusqvarnaFC 250
2015KTM250 EXC-F
2015KTM200 SX
2015KTM250 SX-F
2015KTM450 SX-F
2015KTM200 EXC
2015KTM150 SX
2015KTM125 SX
2015KTM125 EXC
2015KTM250 EXC-F Six Days
2015KTM300 EXC Six Days
2015HusqvarnaTE 250 2T
2015HusqvarnaTC 449
2015KTM300 SX
2015HusqvarnaFE 450
2015HusqvarnaFC 350
2015KTM500 EXC Six Days
2015KTM85 SX (17/14)
2015KTM300 EXC
2015HusqvarnaTE 125
2015HusqvarnaTC 250
2015HusqvarnaFE 350
2015HusqvarnaTC 85 BW

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