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Motorcycle Track Days - What Do You Need To Bring

By - Apr 28, 2016
Motorcycle Track Days - What Do You Need To Bring

Is Your Motorcycle as Secure as it needs to be?

By - Feb 21, 2016
Bike Security is paramount these days with the incidence of motorcycle theft rising at an alarming rate - make sure your wheels are secure.

Checking Your Wheel Bearings

By - Oct 08, 2015
Wheel bearings are normal ball bearings found inside the hub of your motorcycle wheel. The balls rotate allowing the hub to roll around the axle, instead of rubbing against it. This reduces friction and allows the wheels to rotate freely. Wheel bearings can be sealed on one or both sides. Most OEM bearings are only sealed on the outside, relying highly on the seal against the rubber bush to stop the water and grime from getting into the centr
Check the teeth on the sprocket – if they have started to “pull” - this is generally a very good indication that the sprocket needs renewing and that the chain has had the bomb as well. By “pull” I mean that they are worn and pulled over.

Keep your Steering Head Bearings Maintained

By - Oct 07, 2015
Steering head bearings determine how the bike steers and if they are too tight or too loose this will affect the handling of the motorcycle. When you have your bike serviced, ask to have your steering head bearings checked.
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